May 4th Project Day Success!

Old Bisbee Firewise appreciates the energy and hard physical labor of everyone who helped make Saturday, May 4th (our first Community Preparedness Day of Action) a success.  

Properties we worked on included those belonging to elderly, disabled and/or low-income residents and to the City.  It was fun, a great opportunity to meet and work alongside others, and we hope to make it a yearly event, so stay tuned.

Thanks to those who volunteered, including the students and teachers from Bisbee High School: 9 residents of the Verhelst Recovery House; Southeast District Director of the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management Mayra Moreno; our Mayor, Fire Chief and others from the Bisbee Fire Department; and so many of our other friends and neighbors.  Step Up Bisbee/Naco not only co-sponsored this event and set a great example for us, but its leaders and members helped lead the charge.  

We had 80 people come out for our breakfast ceremony, and most stayed through and after lunch to help us build a “defensible space” around numerous private and City-owned lots throughout Old Bisbee. 

See the gallery of pictures below!

There are lot of people and organizations who made this happen. Thanks to everyone here:

  • The Bisbee Observer’s Laura Swan for her ongoing efforts to inform readers of fire risks and prevention;

  • The Bisbee Foundation’s generous $800 Project Grant;

  • Freeport McMoRan for 50 full sets of safety gear (really nice safety glasses, gloves and dust masks);

  • The City of Bisbee’s Public Works Department, for providing for, as well as some collection of our vegetation waste;

  • Cochise County Supervisor Ann English for procuring waste transfer station passes;

  • Bisbee Coffee Co. and High Desert Market for delicious breakfast fare;

  • Cooper Raphael for organizing a delicious lunch and Danielle Bouchever and the Women & Children’s Hope Foundation, for lunch and other breakfast goodies;

  • ACE Hardware for much needed garbage cans;

  • Chuck Alton for his Johnny on the spot photography, and helpful local promotional videos about OBF and Step Up Bisbee/Naco available at;

  • Cochise County’s Emergency Manager Gabe Lavine, who’s always reaching out and who provided helpful “Ready-Set-Go” door-hangers to us. We attached these to the doors of ~800 Old Bisbee residences;

  • Cochise County’s Adult Probation Department for community service hours shared with us;

  • State Farm and NFPA for awarding us $500. This mostly covered the cost of magnets that we added to those door-hangers, and for their project promotional banner that we hung with the help of our beautiful Copper Queen Library;

  • Jeff Trujillo, M.A., L.P.C., Deep Springs Counseling Services PLLC, for his brief but inspirational message entitled, “Tidying up – and feeling safe,” which we also attached to our door hangers announcing May 4th’s festivities; 

  • Apache Signs for our OBF Banner;

  • Precinct and neighborhood Captains who got the word out; made sure the right forms were submitted; and helped gather and present breakfast, and prepare and deliver nice lunches to everyone out in the field. Cooper Raphael and Carmen Faucon led these efforts;

  • Kate Bishop for her down-to-the-wire pre-day team assignments;

  • Safeway for helping us stay hydrated; 

  • Central School Project for hosting our breakfast ceremony and other outreach events; and

  • Yard Captains Ben Susman, Bill Bailey, Carmen Faucon, Deborah Young, Peter Gaffer, Al Anderson, Mike Saterlie, Kurt Towler & Grady Meadows; and Rovers Jane Gaffer, Bill Bohnacker, and Joe Dorner.