Tidying Up and Feeling Safe!

Tidying Up and Feeling Safe - a message from Jeff Trujillo, M.A., L.P.C., Deep Springs Counseling Services PLLC.

I don’t know about you, but for me my home is the safest place there is; indeed, I have worked for years to create a just-so haven. I can be myself there, without judgement, surrounded by the people, pets, and things that are important to me and help me to feel grounded. I love it, and I imagine you love your home as well for reasons along these lines. There is a familiarity that grows over time as things collect. Objects can tell a story or compose a background chorus to our lives.

With time, these objects tend to build up. What was once important becomes less so and fades to the background as other things take precedence. We all tend to get to a point where we don’t even see that which is the background. A good question for anyone to ask themselves is, at this point, how important are these things really? Do they contribute to my well-being or are they now irrelevant?

From the Firewise perspective, that which was once comforting can become a possible hazard. Thus, something that used to provide comfort becomes high-risk yard fuel/clutter. A hot ember can travel up to 2 miles, land and nest in tall grasses, dead wood, a broom on a wood porch or an old cushion or in a woodpile stacked up against a wood wall or fence, or in dry leaves in gutters, or around a ragged dry mat under a wood staircase and spark new fires. Additionally, our humble community has real limits on the resources available when a fire does happen: a water suppression system that cannot fight more than one fire at once; bridges that cannot support the weight of fire trucks; lack of certain communications systems and gear and trucks. [Old Bisbee Firewise works to address these issues, too.]

We at Old Bisbee Firewise encourage you to think about all of this and about what you might be able to do to reduce the risk of catastrophic damage to your home and to our town. Perhaps it is worth thinking about how things have changed for you and what you can let go of, and how you can contribute to the community through the work of improving Old Bisbee’s safety, health, and well-being.

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Helping your neighbors helps everyone, including your own property.

Are you unsure of where to start? Old Bisbee Firewire offers members within Old Bisbee a free yard assessment. Call for yours: (520) 227-7367