Please, please, please sign up for AlertSense and you will get a text notification from Cochise County Emergency Management in case of evacuation. This may be the thing that saves your life.

What Can I Do?

1. Perform 1 hour of sweat equity per year on your property. It’s easy and this can include:

  • Cleaning out the gutters

  • Raking dry/dead/flammable debris away from the house

  • Moving firewood at least 10’ away from the house.

    – OR –

2. Spend at least $24 to hire someone else to perform that work.

– OR –

3. Let us know if someone needs assistance from Old Bisbee Firewise due to age, disability and/or low income. OBF has partnered with Step Up Bisbee/Naco to provide this type of assistance.

And finally….

Report your work to us. This helps us maintain our program active status and we will leverage participation to get grants to help the Bisbee Fire Department and reduce flammable fuels at the urban-wildland interface.

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I agree to perform and report at least one hour of sweat equity or $24.14 per year for my dwelling in approved risk reduction projects. This helps Old Bisbee Firewise-USA maintain an active program status.
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